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Third builds 5 Mini Projects

The Kit The kit I put together for this series of mini projects used goods made by Pimoroni. In the kit I have a Micro Dot Phat for display, Blinkt! which provides a row of 8...

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Third builds a PiOne: Part 2

This is the 2nd and final post for the PiOne project, if you missed the first post see it here During the 2nd stage of the build I ran into a few problems, including...

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Third builds a Mega Pi: Update 3

Player 2 port now wired up. Tested and working however I don’t currently have a 2nd controller for multiplayer gaming although this is coming soon! All that is left to do is to setup...

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Third builds a Mega Pi: Update 2

Pi Zero has been setup and Retro Pie installed along with the relevant gpio drivers for the mega drive controller. Player 1 port soldered to the main board  and tested. All working! Here are...

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Third builds a Mega Pi

Simple project to fit the Pi Zero and 2 Mega drive controller ports into an original mega drive game shell. So far I have managed to get 1 controller port wired and configured for...

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Part 2

All the components are mounted in the new frame box and the glass is frosted and currently drying out. May need a new more coats before it’s finished. Switched on in its new home: