Third builds a Mega Pi

Simple project to fit the Pi Zero and 2 Mega drive controller ports into an original mega drive game shell. So far I have managed to get 1 controller port wired and configured for use with Retro Pie using a Pi2 for prototyping. The 2nd port will be added as soon as it arrives!

The pin out for Mega drive controller to the GPIO took a while to figure out, always seemed to be one or 2 buttons that didn’t seem to register. After a day of tinkering around I managed to get all buttons working using the following Pin to GPIO:

Pin 1 – Gpio Pin 4 (UP)
Pin 2 – GPIO Pin 7 (DOWN)
Pin 3 – GPIO Pin 8 (LEFT)
Pin 4 – GPIO Pin 9 (RIGHT)
Pin 5 – 3.3 V
Pin 6 – GPIO Pin 10 (FIRE 1)
Pin 7 – GPIO Pin 14 (FIRE 3)
Pin 8 – Ground
Pin 9 – GPIO Pin 11 (FIRE2)

Hardware so far:


Next Steps:

  • Add and configure 2nd port for 2 player games.
  • Wire both ports to perm-proto board for final installation
  • Setup and configure Pi Zero for Retro Pi
  • Install final hardware into Mega Drive game cartridge.



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