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Third builds a PiOne: Part 2

This is the 2nd and final post for the PiOne project, if you missed the first post see it here During the 2nd stage of the build I ran into a few problems, including...

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Third builds a Mega Pi: Update 3

Player 2 port now wired up. Tested and working however I don’t currently have a 2nd controller for multiplayer gaming although this is coming soon! All that is left to do is to setup...

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Third builds a Mega Pi: Update 2

Pi Zero has been setup and Retro Pie installed along with the relevant gpio drivers for the mega drive controller. Player 1 port soldered to the main board  and tested. All working! Here are...

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Third builds a Mega Pi

Simple project to fit the Pi Zero and 2 Mega drive controller ports into an original mega drive game shell. So far I have managed to get 1 controller port wired and configured for...

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Part 2

All the components are mounted in the new frame box and the glass is frosted and currently drying out. May need a new more coats before it’s finished. Switched on in its new home:

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Expi: Food Inventory Management

Expi is a simple application designed to help you reduce food waste by sending email reminders notifying you of any expiring food. Expi will also recommend recipes based on food in your inventory that is...